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The terms and conditions are applicable to all services provided by KHLOÉ Consultancy and the visit of the website of KHLOÉ Consultancy.
This or future visit to this website and/or use of our services will implicit that you agree our term and conditions without reservation.


By confirming the booking by phone, e-mail or text, there will be an agreement between the client and KHLOÉ Consultancy. KHLOÉ Consultancy is available during openingshours shown on the website and will try to answer your e-mails and texts as soon as possible. Last minute bookings are possible, but have to be made by phone.

Legal procedure

KHLOÉ Consultancy is a fully legal High Class escort service and is subjected to the Dutch law. Chambre of Commerce and VAT number is available on request via e-mail due to privacy.


If KHLOÉ Consultancy does not fit in your expectations due to looks or personality you will have the opportunity to let that know within the first 10 minutes of your booking in the Netherlands. Upon changes we will charge travel costs.

Cancellation costs

Cancellations needs to be noticed 1 hours or more in advance of the booking. Cancellation within 1 hours or a “No Show” will be charged fully for the discussed amount by the client.

International bookings

For bookings outside the Netherlands we require an acknowledgement of at least 12 hours in advance. We require an international booking 24H (Europe) up to 48H (international) notice, due to travel time and preparations. The destination will be assessed on positive travel advise and safety of the destination. After positive criticism the booking will be confirmed. To finalize the international booking we require a prepayment from the client via bank transfer of 50% of the booking costs and 100% of the travel expenses to finalize the booking.

When you cancel the date within 24 hours we will charge you for an amount of € 350,-. Due to compensation.

Rates & Payments

The payment will be done at the beginning of the booking (minimum of 2 hours), please be prepared for that. You can pay cash or via bank transfer. You can always extend the booking, payment will be made at the beginning of prolongation.

Force majeure

KHLOÉ Consultancy is not liable for any circumstances out of our control. In such case the client will be informed as soon as possible. If possible, an alternative will be proposed for compensation.


KHLOÉ Consultancy works with regular drivers to guarantee the safety.

Travel methods

The travel methods of KHLOÉ Consultancy for international bookings will be discussed per booking. For destinations where the travel time is longer than 4 hours by car we prefer a high speed train or a flight. Flights of 7 hours and longer requires a business class ticket.

Privacy en discretion

KHLOÉ Consultancy will not provide or share our client details to third. Payments done with PIN or creditcard will be listed under antoher name then KHLOÉ Consultancy due to privacy reasons.


KHLOÉ Consultancy companions assure you that they will take good care of themselves, we expect that the client will do the same. Personal care and hygiene is a requirement. The date needs to take place in a hotel with at least 3 stars and a clean environment. Health and safety is priority. Unsafe sex is not possible. If the client insist having unsafe sex the booking will be terminated immediately. You will be on our blacklist for bookings in the future. Wishes and boundaries of both parties needs to be respected at all times.

Governing law, disputes

The Booking will be governed by Dutch law and all contractual or non-contractual obligations and claims arising from/in usage with the Booking are governed by that right.

Any disputes or claims arising from/in connection to this agreement or the Booking will be settled by the Arrondissementsrechtbank in Amsterdam.

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