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During the years that I have done modeling, I have been to many beautiful places and I have worked with many different people. But I have also seen many different sides of the work. It often happened that men approached you for activities other than a photo shoot. Sometimes they asked you very directly, other times it was subtle and it kept on flirting. Every woman loves this attention, but also this type of man. Neat gentlemen, who know how to treat a lady with respect.

Kirsten - Khloé Consultancy

In Asia I got to know the Image Model concept. You can compare that with our Companionship Only service. When a man was new in town and he wanted to explore the region with company, he could book you. Or when he had a business dinner and he had to look good to others. Sometimes events, sometimes only to make sure not to go to an opera performance on his own.

I really enjoyed the people I got to know. Neat men, who knew how to treat a woman with respect. I even enjoyed it so much that I wanted to set up such a concept in the Netherlands.

KHLOÉ is the result of this. I am very proud of the start that KHLOÉ has had: attention from regional and national press. It brought (potential) customers and an enormous number of enthusiastic and supportive responses.

KHLOÉ tries to distinguish itself in the High Class world with small scale and very good personal contact with the ladies. As a result, the service that we can offer customers is of higher quality. No companion gets into the car before we have the confidence that the both the girl and the costumer will have a great time!

Don't waste your time: celebrate your existence!

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