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A date with a story. Examination by a nurse? Or the classic plumber who comes to fix it? Your wish is our command.

Role play can help you relax, get out of the daily grind, simulate a certain fantasy, or increase the tension enormously. Whatever you choose! If you want to be sure that your fantasy or fetish is realized, please contact us to discuss whether your wish is possible.



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Roleplay& Roleplay Light

Roleplay is offered in two varieties: Roleplay and Roleplay Light.

Companions offering Roleplay Light are not available for script play.

Special rates

You do not pay an extra rate for this service. Unless:

The customer wants a script (€ 180 - with one revision);

The customer wants a specific costume for companion (purchase costs).

Lockdown t/m 19 januari 2021

Beste bezoeker,

Helaas zijn wij op last van de overheid gedwongen de deuren te sluiten vanwege de lockdown in het kader van COVID-19.

Wij zijn natuurlijk nog steeds te bereiken voor dates na de lockdown!

Bekijkt u hier vast de aankomende acties!


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